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Artistic floor Exercise System

规格:1500x1500cm;比赛区:1200x1200cm 特点:场地由多块加强复合木板拼接组成,下部采用优质弹簧和底座组成减震系统,表面附有柔性层和专用地毯。经防静电及防滑处理,弹力好,脚感

Size:1500x1500cm;competition zone 1200x1200cm.

Feature: The floor system consist of: laminated parquets power spring deck roll foam and carpet.Carpet is in plain color provides a balance between anti-skip and slippage; the connection of every layer provides a sufficient slip resistance while using. The whole system is in a balance way of elasticity and dempening to guarantee athletes to reach their maximum performance.

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